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We are St. Louis Wildlife, Inc. a full-service wildlife removal company servicing the greater Saint Louis MO area. We resolve conflicts with unwanted wildlife. We are not the official Saint Louis County animal control services, which deals only with domestic animal complaints, such as cat and dog problems. For the county animal services, call (314) 726-6655. Below is a list of the professional services offered by our company:

General wildlife trapping and removal

We focus on humane wildlife removal, and even try to avoid cage traps when we can, but in many cases involving animals such as raccoons, skunks, opossum, groundhogs, fox, and more, we employ standard cage trapping. Trapping is an art, from trap selection, location, set-up, baiting techniques, and more.

Removal of animals inside the attic

This is our specialty - if you hear scratching noises in your ceiling, it could be raccoon, squirrel, rodents, or even bats. We use the proper techniques to remove critters from your attic, and we make sure that no new animals can get in!

Wildlife damage repairs in buildings

This is an essential part of solving an issue with animals inside a building. We inspect the whole structure top to bottom, find out how they get in, and then seal the entry holes shut permanently, with professional steel repairs.

Preventative repairs and exclusions

We also install steel screen exclusion barriers around the perimeter of decks and sheds so that animals like skunks can't go under, as well as several other types of wildlife prevention.

Critter waste cleanup in attics

We decontaminate and deodorize the attic of your home, removing all feces and other waste, and keeping your house sanitary and disease-free.

Dead animal removal and odor control

If you have a horrible odor in your St. Louis house, it may be a dead animal carcass that is rotting. This is a common issue. We find the animal, cutting open any wall or ceiling if need be, and eliminate the source of the odor.

Poison-free rodent control in home

We employ the absolute most effective method of rodent control - we do not use ineffective poison - we actually identify all possible rat or mouse entry holes, seal them shut, and trap and remove all the animals. This is hard work, but the only way to absolutely ensure a permanent rodent solution.

Missouri bat colony removal specialist

Bat control is our top specialty. We are well-known for our expertise in 100% safe and humane, 100% effective bat control, and we are very cognizant of all state laws regarding bat colonies. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in ensuring that we remove the entire bat colony with no harm to any of the bats, and that your house is completely bat-proof, with warrantee.


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