The best way to get rid of Skunks

Skunks are often a nuisance to many people with the exception of farmers; who like them as they feed on rodents and pests, which harm their crops. There are several of methods of keeping skunks away from people’s homes. They include the following:

Starving them

Pet food and water should not be left outside as these usually encourage skunks to inhabit one’s compound. In addition, garbage bins that can be tightly closed should be used contrary to those that can be damaged easily, by the skunks. Furthermore, outside cooking equipment such as barbeque grills need a form of covering to limit access of the food crumbs. Another possible source of food for the skunks is the fruits. It is, therefore, necessary to pick all fruits that fall from trees as soon as possible. In addition, birdseeds should not be used where possible, as these attract birds and other rodents that in turn attract the skunks to feed on them.

Denying them suitable shelter

Skunks usually prefer dark, clustered and uninhabited places. As a first measure, one should remove any old logs, rocks, and any other unnecessary object from the lawn as this could provide shelter for the skunks. In addition, the barricading of possible hiding places, such as under buildings and porches, for skunks is recommended. This is achieved by digging about twelve inches underground and putting wire mesh all around the structure; skunks are adept at burrowing and thus putting the wire mesh from underground is a praiseworthy practice. It is also appropriate to fence skunk prone areas such as landscapes and gardens. Furthermore, lawns should be properly kept avoiding the infestation of grubs, which attract skunks. It is beneficial for homeowners to check constantly, around their homes for signs of skunk infestation in the way of holes. The installation of one-way doors, on the detected holes, will ensure that the skunks are able to move out of their dens but are unable to return. This as a result, ensures the complete eradication of the skunks.


Skunks are normally nocturnal animals; this means that they operate mainly at night. As a form of the deterrent, it is a praiseworthy practice to put the outside lights on all through the night. In addition, water sprinklers that are motion sensitive can be activated, during the night, to scare-away the animals. Having an outdoor radio on at night is yet another effective deterrent to the skunks.


In the unlikely event that a skunk has built a den, cayenne pepper should be poured around the den. In addition, rags soaked with ammonia can be placed, near the skunk’s den, to prevent it from returning to the den. The repellant can also be poured, around the fence and lawn, to deter the skunks.


Traps, that ensure the safe capture of the skunks, can be placed strategically near areas where the skunks have built their dens. This ensures the capture of the skunks, which can then be transferred to areas where they can live with a minimal animal – human conflict.


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