Getting Squirrels out of the Attic

If you've spent many nights lying in bed listening to the nocturnal shenanigans of those cute little balls of fluff commonly known as squirrels or worse, suffered the smell of one accidentally falling down inside the wall and dying, you'll be desperate to know how to get 'em to pack their bags and move out for good.

Squirrels are persistent, diligent and alarmingly good at chewing – particularly if returning to the same cozy spot they have been happily habitating previously. Your home's lovely warm roof is the perfect place to raise babies – certainly beats a chilly tree trunk! So what to do...

Firstly the offenders must be removed. You can hire a professional to come and set traps to remove your uninvited houseguests, or save some money and do the hard yards yourself. Either way, don't waste any time, get them out as soon as possible as the damage they can do by chewing is amazing. If you choose the DIY option, purchase a good quality trap and bait it with your choice of the following squirrel delicacies - peanut butter, sunflower seeds, peanuts, pop corn – or any kind of grain or cereal. It is worth spending a bit more on a trap that will work and trap the animal as soon as it enters. Mix up the food choices a bit - if one doesn't work, try another 'til you catch your little stowaways, and don't give up till you know you've got them all, including any babies. Once you have caught your offender (s), take them far, far away - preferably where they won't move into someone else's attic and plague them the same way they tormented you!

The next step is a trip to the hardware store and the services of a (very) handy – man. Every access point needs to be sealed up so the little rascals can't enter. Remember, once they have staked their claim, they'll do everything to get back to that cozy little home-sweet-home! Vents and grills are like an open door with a red carpet, so get some heavy duty mesh that can't be chewed through, or the equivalent and secure them.

Search till you locate the entry/exit point used and block it off, always remembering to use something they can't chew through. Squirrels keep their teeth in shape by chewing hard substances like metal and wood, so you'll have to bring out the big guns – there must be absolutely no way they can chew through your barrier of choice. Another preventative measure which may also help in seeing off squirrels is to put fox urine (purchased from hunting stores) on rags and leave them in the attic – the whiff of a predator should help to send them running for the hills. Once out, seal everything up so they can't come back. Remember: patience, persistence and perseverance!


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