How to get Rats out of the attic

Rats and mice are highly intelligent nocturnal rodents who are as cunning as they come and do an incredible amount of damage if left unchecked. Often if you see a rat, it means there are hundreds of others nearby, which is enough to send anyone running for the ratsack. Rats are very destructive and particularly love living in house roofs, where the insulation provided ample material to fluff up for bedding, and of course there's lots of electrical wiring up there to chew if they feel so inclined, leading to increased dangers of house fires. They are well known carriers of all sorts of diseases and defecate and urinate everywhere, leading to a strong and disgusting smell.

There have been reports of people drinking from soft drink cans which have had rat urine on them when in storage and subsequently dying from leptospirosis,yet another of the dastardly diseases carried by rats. All in all they are unhygenic and unsuitable household companions.

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of these vermin is to bait them. Various baits on the market are available, but it is important to consider various factors. If you have family pets that could eat the poison, or that may be tempted to eat a rat that has been poisoned it is important that you take preventative measures. Always buy bait blocks or packs that can be secured (attach them to a board with a nail) so the rat can't carry it away where a family pet has access to it. There is a product called Racumin, which requires several feeds to cause death, thus ensuring too many toxic residues don't build up in the rodent which in turn raises the chances of secondary poisoning (dogs, owls etc). Many people worry about the animals dying in the roof and smelling, which is a valid concern. Anyone who has searched frantically for the source of the disgusting smell of dead animal wafting through their living room will understandably be worried that this may occur. Usually after the rodent eats the bait, they leave the roof in search of water, and die outside the house.

Keeping rats out of your home, even in the roof, it easier if you observe a few other rules. Keep trees and vines away from your house – these are easily climbed by rats, giving them access to your roof area.

Ensure rubbish, food scraps and any kind of animal food (grain, dog food etc) is kept in sealed bins or the equivalent, so rats do not have easy access to food. Observe good hygiene throughout your outside sheds, your home and garden, and chances are the rats will find another, less hygienic home!

How to get Rodents out of the attic


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